Beading Tutorial of Candy Bracelet

I have a quite beaded bracelet tutorial to show you today! Whilst buying some brand-new Miyuki Delicas for my next peyote bracelet job, I included some incredibly adorable sweet beads to my order too. These are drilled with 2 holes, suggesting that you can do all sorts of things with them!

Follow my tutorial listed below if you ‘d like to make one of these bracelets. This is a fantastic task for newbie beaders as you do not require numerous products (and it’s fast to make too).

You’ll require the following products to start!

  • A choice of blue-green 8mm 2 hole Czech glass sweet beads.
  • Toho round seed beads size 8/0 in pink.
  • Silver-tone memory wire (I’ve utilized 55cm size wire to fit my wrist, however, you can go bigger if you like– simply examine that the coils fit your wrist prior to you begin).
  • 2 x silver tone eye pins or head pins.
  • Jewelry making tools– round nose pliers and a set of strong wire cutters.

Step 1: Cutting the memory wire

Memory wire is available in a constant ring of coils, so you ‘ll require to cut off 3 private coils and make a loop at one end of each coil with your round nose pliers, as displayed in the product’s image above.

Step 2: Adding the very first candy bead

Take 2 of the memory wire coils and holding them side by side, slide on among the sweet beads, ensuring to thread the wires through the 2 holes in the bead as revealed above.

Step 3: Adding seed beads to make a pattern

Bring in the 3rd memory wire coil for this action. Thread on 3 x seed beads on this brand-new coil and after that include another sweet bead above them. Utilize the middle wire coil to thread through the other hole in the brand-new sweet bead.

This will protect all 3 memory wire coils together– although the beads might move around a little initially!

Step 4: Continuing the pattern

Add 3 x seed beads to the left-hand side wire now, above the very first sweet bead, you included previously. Then include a 3rd sweet bead over the brand-new seed beads and utilize the middle wire once again to go through the 2nd hole of the brand-new sweet bead.

Step 5: Work your way around the bracelet

Continue rotating in between sweet beads and seed beads in the pattern I’ve simply described, all the method around the memory wire coils. When you get to the middle, the bracelet will begin to end up being rather durable!

Action 6: Finishing completions of the bracelet

When you’ve threaded on your beads all the method around, you’ll require to make loops in the ends of the wires to stop your beads from falling off. Ensure the beads are sitting as they need to be i.e. no spaces prior to you make completion loops.

You might leave completions as they are, however, if you desire them to look a little prettier, you can include a little decor to them. Utilizing your eye pins or head pins, cut off completions (so you’ll have straight pieces of wire).

Make a small loop with your round nose pliers in one end however do not close it up yet! Thread the wire through the very first loop, include a seed bead, then thread the wire through the middle loop and include another seed bead. Lastly, thread the wire through the last loop, cut it and make another small loop. Close up both loops at this moment, connecting them to the outdoors loops of the memory wire.

This part is a little fiddly however worth doing!

Finally … Your ended up bracelet ought to fit comfortably versus your wrist when you’re done!

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