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Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making a Pair of Seed Beaded Dangle Earrings

Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making a Pair of Seed Beaded Dangle Earrings” Do you like a set of handmade dangle jewelry? Below I will certainly reveal to you exactly how to make a set of seed handmade dangle earrings. To complete the precious jewelry production, you need to prepare some products. The set of seed beaded dangle jewelry is made with some gold seed grains, white dual openings seed grains, precious jewelry string as well as jewelry hooks. It is fairly very easy for both eco-friendly hands as well as experts to make, so simply comply with the Beebeecraft Tutorials, and also currently allow me to reveal you HOW ~”

NotesNow this DIY glass grain armband is completed promptly, exactly how do you like it? For me, I such as seed handmade jewelry a lot that I will attempt to make one more jewelry with various shade seed grains, and also do you wanna join me as well as have a good shot?

Task TypeMake a Project

Grain TypeSeed

Time to CompleteUnder an hr

Grain Technique UsedStrung

Grain Project TypeEarrings


Materials List Golden Seed grains

  • White Double Hole Seed Beads
  • Black Double Holes Seed Beads
  • Precious jewelry String
  • Precious Jewelry Tool Supplies
  • Scissors


  1. First, reduced a fashion jewelry string and also slide 4 gold seed grains, as well as glide black dual seed grains, after that duplicate the activity 6 times and also obtain a seed beaded with one loophole;
  2. 2nd, make the string via one more opening in black grain, after slide 6 gold to the black seed grain;
  3. 3rd, repeat the activity 6 times, as well as you will certainly obtain one fifty percent standard precious jewelry pattern of one jewelry with gold as well as black seed grains;
  4. 4th, transform the black grains to white grains and also utilize the very same method, you can obtain the various other fifty percent of the jewelry with white and also gold seed grains;
  5. 5th, weblink 2 fashion jewelry pattern of jewelry with seed grains by an open dive ring, as well as connect an open dive ring throughout of precious jewelry pattern after that affix a jewelry hook to the one;
  6. 6th, repeat every one of the actions, and also you can obtain additional jewelry;