Bracelet Stacks

Get innovative with our brand-new bars by stacking them any method that drifts your boat!

For the timeless at heart:

Keep it timeless with a stack loaded with CZ chain bracelets. Stay with a single tone or blend all 3 metals; gold, silver and increased gold. Nevertheless, you choose to stack, you’ll shimmer all the time.

For the daredevil:

Go huge or go home, ideal?! Create a mixed-metal bracelet stack by beginning with a set of 6 and include 3 gold, silver and increased gold CZ chain bracelets, anchored by a gold and silver baguette bar. Voila! You’ve obtained a mega stack!

For the minimalist:

For a less-is-more method, begin with a set of 6 in your metal of choice. Contribute to your stack by integrating 3 of our brand-new CZ chain bracelets. Basic, fragile and to the point.

We are around to assist if you wish to produce a custom-made stack to your taste.