Seed Bead Tutorial

Sea glass is a glass piece from the damaged bottles and containers that had actually been used smooth by the toppling action of the sea waves versus the coast. Ocean weaves drag the pieces of glass throughout the sand and stones, smoothing it and forming in various shapes, developing frosted and used surface areas.

Sea glass is so awesome that it should have to be embellished. Utilize your most valuable established sea glass pieces to make a distinct pendant, earrings, and bracelets.

There are lots of methods to make sea glass fashion jewelry. Most typical are:

Wire wrapping

You would require 20gauge sterling silver, copper or gold-plated wire.


You would require Dremel drill and drilling press.


Bezeling needs more training than drilling or covering sea glass.

My preferred method of making sea glass precious jewelry is bead weaving technique. I like to integrate into sea glass lockets seashells and driftwood pieces. To develop this combined locket you will need to discover standard peyote stitch, circular and tubular peyote stitches.

The products I generally utilize for my sea glass precious jewelry: Sea glass, beach stones.


Wood has a grounding quality and it’s light-weight.


Some shells currently have holes for stringing.

Natural Feathers


I utilize leather for pendant bails and for clasps.

Cotton Cord

Cotton thread

Nylon beading thread (conditioned with beeswax).

Needles # 12, # 12 sharps


E-6000 glue

Delica Glass Seed Beads

Rocailles seed beads

Beading structure

Typically, I begin by having fun with various shapes of driftwood, beach stones, sea glass pieces up until I produce the wanted structure.

Then I glue the picked pieces to beading structure: Put a dab of E-6000 glue on beading structure and after that glue the product to the back (or around)of the piece of sea glass(beach stone, shell or driftwood ).

Set the sea glass (beach stone, shell or driftwood) aside and left the glue dry and treatment for a minimum of 4 hours (finest would be 24 hours).

Connect an overhand knot at the end of 2yd. (1.8 m) of conditioned thread. Utilizing a # 12 sharps needle, stitch through the beading structure material from back to front, beside the stone edge.

Pick up 6 Delica Japanese seed beads and place them along the stone’s edge. Stitch through the last 3 beads (figure 1). Continue working in beaded backstitch around the edge of the taxi, including an even variety of beads (image c).

Utilizing a routine beading needle and Delica seed beads, operate in tubular, even-count peyote sew around the ring. Altering seed bead colors for each round, continue including rounds of peyote up until the leading edge of the taxi is covered (image d, e).

Then I create a bail for pendant: typically, I cut preferable piece of natural leather.

Then I create the stunning print/pattern from small glass seed beads.