Winding Waves Woven Bracelet- Loom


It ends up I really did not understand what I was missing out on when I went by grain impending layouts for all those years.Not just does the job go swiftly, however, the layout opportunities are unlimited.

two zigzag patterned bead bracelets made with a beading loom

In today’s video clip, I demonstrate how to prepare and also produce a fundamental handmade armband, made with 8/0 seed grains on beading impend

a zigzag patterned bead bracelet in red, white, gold, bronze and blue made with a beading loom and 8/0 seed beads

. I additionally demonstrate how simple it is to do if you do not have an impending. There might simply be a couple of estimation mistakes, left in for your enjoyment. Since we’re not excellent, as well as points do not constantly end up as intended. As a close friend( additionally an imaginative individual)usually claims, “It’s not what you can make, it’s what you can FIX.”

Tools as well as Materials:

  • Little Ricky Beading Loom or beading tray (or shoebox cover)
  • Graph paper
  • Name string
  • Crowded grain board trays
  • Tulip beading needles
  • Move On End Clasp Tubes 10mm/13mm/16mm/ 20mm/25mm/30mm
  • Magnetic Jewelry Clasps, Matte Silver, 40.0 × 3.0 mm
  • String heater
  • Hemostats
  • Ranger patina-Aged Bronze
  • Awl or needle device
  • Repaint brush for minis

Grains for Ombré Cubed arm band:

  • Miyuki 4mm square grains (mine are Opaque Frosted Rainbow Black)

Toho 8/0 seed grains:

  • Frosted Transparent Dark Amethyst
  • Frosted Transparent Medium Amethyst
  • Frosted Transparent Amethyst Iris
  • Violet Lined Transparent
  • Silver Lined Alabaster
  • Marbled Opaque Turquoise Blue
  • Clear Rainbow Frosted Dark Peridot
  • Clear Rainbow Frosted Lime Green
  • Matsuno 8/0 Dyna-Mites Iris Blue

For The Flag Gently Waves armband:

  • Matsuno 8/0 Dyna-Mites, Iris Blue, Iris Bronze
  • Miyuki 8/0 Opaque Metallic Bronze
  • Toho 8/0 Opaque Light Beige
  • Toho 8/0 Frosted Transparent Ruby

Various other practical sources:

  • Loom beading Pinterest board
  • Loom pattern with snow
  • Loom pattern with fire gloss & & 11/0s Loom pattern with fiber, tiles & & fire gloss
  • A Primer on Beads as well as Closures for Looming
  • Homemade impend tutorial

Take pleasure in the video clip and also pleased developing!